Hello Internet, I am a failure and this is Enthacks.com


Thanks for visiting Enthacks, My name is Omar Boussaïd.

I have been trying to make it in the marketing world for quite a long time. Along the way I have made a lot of mistakes, like incoherent lazy writing and having questionable eating habits. The only thing I ever wanted, was to help people through my internet business and to be honest, enough money to have financial freedom…

If you are reading this blog you’re probably in the same boat. You just want to get more stuff done or get more traffic to that website you worked so hard on, you want to see results.

You are reading all these blogs about  SUCCESSFUL people making loads of money being an Amazon affiliate, selling e-books and courses. You just want to do the same thing but you don’t know where to start or what you’re doing wrong. You just want to get your self together and become successful too!

If this is you, than we have a lot in common, perhaps we could have talk about it on Twitter

I am just a guy looking for success on the internet and I constantly did it wrong somehow…

But from now on I decided to document everything I do, on this blog. All the mistakes (and the good things I assume) will be here for you to read. Because a lot of blogs talk about success but they never talk about how they first failed before getting successful.

This blog is going to be the real deal. I’m going to write about my mistakes and how I fixed them. I just really hope that if you can relate to the problems I’ve encountered that this blog might offer you some valuable insights.

Yeah I might be young and dumb, but I’m on my journey and I’m still learning.

Lets learn from each other 😉

About my failed projects

Since I started internet marketing I’ve had about 20 projects and 18 of them are gone by now.

I’ve had a failed viral site, an illegal website (I was 15 and had I no idea what I was doing) and many more ideas.

All of these projects had cost me boatloads of money: hosting, domains, facebook ads and they only made me about 160$ over 5 years.

I’ll write about what I learned from running these failed projects under the category: Mistakes 

The upcoming months I’ll be writing about:

  • The illegal home-work answers website that banked me 100$ but got me 3 e-mails from lawyers about copyright infringement.
  • The website about a subject I love that I ruined by making poor audience and marketing choices.
  • The fansite of a tv-show that I hated but drove traffic so I did it anyway.
  • The viral site that nearly made me hate internet marketing even though I reached 1,7 million people on Facebook for just 1$.
  • My first professional blog that I killed because I wanted to write too much articles per week which killed my motivation.

Soon these mistake cases will be published on my blog.

I post a new blog every week about blogging, marketing, productivity, personal health and my mistakes concerning these subjects.

So make sure to connect with me by following me on Insta or Twitter, joining my Facebook Group or subscribing to my newsletter.

About the author

Omar is the guy behind Enthacks. He’s 20 years old and lives in the Netherlands.

He has a broad range of interests including marketing, blogging, productivity, veganism, writing, reading, fantasy novels, philosophy, metal and media businesses.

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